You have actually chosen where you desire to live and now you need to acquire ideal properties. So where do you start? Contact regional estate representatives since they are highly likely to have residential or commercial properties readily available in and around your wanted location. Before you do so, set yourself a spending plan of exactly what you can afford each week or per calendar month (PCM). Be mindful of the difference in between the total expense of a weekly rent and a monthly rent. Numerous people make the mistake of multiplying the weekly rent by 4 to provide the month-to-month lease figure.

An empty home can destroy your service when it comes to keeping your money flow on your house portfolio, especially if you just have a few rental residential or commercial properties. The expense of having to pay for the home loan each month the residential or commercial property is empty quickly starts to build up. A great deal of property owners have the tendency to maintain the ideal rate that they believe the property deserves, but typically this can backfire on them.

Problem Statement

Below are the issues and restrictions recognized in the current ownership of properties avoiding many people from understanding the advantages, which ASM LLC intends to solve:

  • Cost: Owning a residential or commercial property has a reasonably high barrier of entry. Ownership of a home typically needs big monetary dedications, which run out reach for lots of people. Also, for genuine estate developers, their market is limited.
  • Global Reach: Many opportunities in either the rental residential or commercial property sectors are currently included within the home jurisdictions, and overseas in residential or commercial property ownerships have been restricted to easy aspirations.
  • Simplicity and Convenience: The documents and administration associated with a single rental property might not be straightforward. An easier and convenient method to take part in the residential or commercial property co-ownership is required.


A cryptocurrency is cash, which makes use of cryptography to secure deals and to control the development of extra currency systems. The development of cryptocurrency has actually been actively growing in the previous decade, hence offering a broad range of transactional possibilities for both users and companies.

The past and present pattern of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) has led to more than 500 brand-new cryptocurrencies being produced which are traded daily. Some have proven to have actually acquired trust and assistance amongst individuals in the neighbourhood, whereas some have actually wound up in “pump and dispose” area. Still, when evaluating the price movement of 100 coins in the first half of 2016, typically achieved yield is 357% and only 13 coins yielded negative returns. However, returns can be deceptive and expertise in the financial investment field in addition to an understanding of crypto coin material is had to acquire optimum direct exposure into the crypto investment universe.

Cryptocurrencies are a developing investment asset which shouldn’t be overlooked by an investor going to diversify its portfolio. As the correlation between assets in the real economy is moving to 1 (especially at a time of distress on markets), cryptocurrencies have connection near to 0. For that reason, possessions from the brand-new economy are serving as a natural hedge as they are detached from the traditional market and represent an alternative.

Cryptocurrencies can be split into at least two kinds of properties:

  • One group includes leader currencies based on blockchain technology such as Bitcoin. This type of digital possession functions as an alternative for the transfer of wealth across the globe, being completely transparent, secure and reliable. Its intrinsic worth depends on its usage as a legal tender and as a store of worth. The variety of transactions and demand on the worth of currencies such as these.
  • The 2nd group consists of “app tokens” that are more similar to standard company shares, where the company acts as a decentralized self-governing organization. Such organizations have been growing exponentially in the last year as the neighbourhood is perceiving the brand-new economy as just like the sharing economy. Notably, such organizations can deliver value included services, which are comparable to the conventional economy but far more efficient and less expensive for the customer.

It is believed that the 2nd group of cryptocurrencies, or much better “app tokens” will, with the aid of wise agreements, replace the conventional kind of services. Growing interest in such properties may be promising something big, maybe a revolution much like the one the Internet supplied in the early 90s. At that point, there wasn’t an option to invest in a service such as the Web. Now our company believes there is and the finest method to accomplish it is to diversify properties via a financial investment vehicle such as a fund.

Benefits of an ICO for Specific Users

Should you take part in an ICO? Why would private users bet on an unidentified company online? The main advantage of an ICO is that you are assisting a company launches its item in exchange for expected future worth. You’re buying into something today in the hopes that it will deserve more in the future. You can exchange the company’s tokens in the future after the value of the tokens increases, for instance.

Consider an ICO project similar to Kickstarter. Everyone has their specific reasons for money a task. Some individuals wish to buy a cool item for a lower rate than its final MSRP, for example, while others have an authentic interest in seeing a company prosper.

Here’s the greatest advantage of an ICO, nevertheless: in 2014, Ethereum sold coins through its ICO at a price ranging from $0.30 to $0.40 per token. The company released its last platform in July 2015. By that point, the cost of each token had increased significantly– approximately $19.42 at one point. If you bought tokens throughout the Ethereum ICO, you earned a return of over 6000%.

Certainly, Ethereum is an exception– not the guideline. ICO projects could stop working. You could invest $100 on a company’s tokens during an ICO, only to view the company fizzle and pass away before they launch a genuine item. Much like with any financial investment, the persistent research study is very important.

Impacts Made by ICO So Far

Almost everyone in tech today knows the three-letter acronym for jumbo-size fundraising: ICO.

The legality of Initial Coin Offerings, specifically, the public sale of digital tokens that sit on the Blockchain, is still something the SEC is sitting on the fence over. As such, most sales are restricted to non-US residents.

But in many countries, it’s fast becoming anathema to crowdfund practically everything from the basement start-up to mobile middleware up to the decentralized bank. According to Smith & Crown, a digital assets research firm, so far start-ups have raised over $600m in 2017 making crowdfunded campaigns a more popular source of pre-revenue financing than traditional venture capital equity for the first time in history.

While most of the ICO crowd traditionally come from the set of lots of style, lofty ambitions, and little substance, lately there are signs some of that has begun to change lately. MobileGo, a cell phone provider in Asia, raised $35m in May. While decentralized financial institution Bancor’s $100 million raise was a little more circumspect, respectable companies like Kik plan to utilize the power of their networks to create their own unit of virtual currency later this year.

The latest widely-tipped red hot ICO and the one that experts are billing as a potential catalyst for the scene to mature into a serious marketplace of its own is tipped a little more towards the quantitative side things – it’s a decentralized hedge fund, with a typically tokenish name: Monkey Capital.

What strikes you about Monkey Capital as somewhat standing apart from the crowd is the experience and genuinely impressive line-up of the management team. For once, this is a Crypto offering worthy of something that could fill a public company Boardroom. From the offering’s partners Daniel M. Harrison and Darshan Vyas, both investment professionals, and Marcelo Garcia-Casil, an ex-Barclays fin-tech entrepreneur, the list doesn’t draw for breath.

Seth Shapiro, a two-time Emmy Award Winner and a Governor of the TV Academy as well as an adjunct professor at UCL, a smattering of the most senior venture capital guys in the world and the founder of PeerAssets, a sort of combination between the Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols make up the weightier part of the Advisory Panel, while senior banking compliance officers, legal representatives and other leading lights from the financial and tech worlds adorn the impressive 25-person line-up.

Monkey Capital’s ICO, like all token listings, starts with a website and a White Paper. Except unlike the marketing brochures that most of these so-called White Papers are in reality nothing other than in sum, the fund manager’s actually might pass for a Harvard Company School Ph.D. thesis. It’s detailed, explanatory, challenging and tackles with complex and ambiguous issues such as how to ensure fairness in a game where only one party holds all the cards. Monkey Capital’s solution, which stems around splitting up voting and non-voting shares and positioning itself as the mere recipient of dividends but not the fund’s day to day administrative manager, is successfully like putting a croupier in between the player and the table. It’s tidy, clever and line-ups innovative.

The ICO does not just begin and end at the company’s site, nevertheless, Coinschedule, a website that performs due diligence on prospective offerings and chooses the finest 10 or 20 out of more than a thousand month-to-month candidates, has line-up provided Monkey Capital its very first Platinum accreditation.

“Monkey Capital has all the crucial elements of a successful crypto task: a bold however practical strategy, strong team with a shipment track record and transparency in terms of who they are and how they prepare to deliver outcomes,” Alex Michaelis, co-founder of stated in an e-mail response to concerns about the Monkey Capital platinum listing status. “We at Coinschedule have been waiting on the best partner to use the very first Platinum level sponsorship and after satisfying Daniel and Monkey Capital it became clear that they were the perfect job.”

As if all that wasn’t enough, the recently established hedge fund intends to invest in SpaceX contracts, buy up digital properties while investing in their underlying networks and see Ethereum-style returns and even, inning accordance with the company itself, to participate in hostile takeovers over public companies, “creating profits by participating in imaginative damage.”

The hyperbolic vernacular is typical of the offering’s founder, Daniel M. Harrison. Harrison is an international digital possession celebrity of sorts (in the on scheme of things) who notoriously predicted that Bitcoin would reach $2400 mid-way through this year back in 2014 when it was still just $300 approximately a coin and bogged down in ridicule as a dead asset.

Wage into the foyer– which is to state, the general channel– of the company’s Slack Chat most times of the day or night and you will discover Harrison breathlessly berating would-be investors for offering him innocuous and well-meaning advice about the rate of the ICO, or otherwise discussing mind-blowing formulas or such issues of simultaneous import as South Asia’s Crypto neighbourhood with Peerchemist, a pseudonymous early Blockchain designer and yet another of the offering’s all-star line-up. Peerchemist holds considerable sway amongst the Crypto community, which is no little feat, is exactly what it is now a hub in excess of $100m in value.

Harrison doesn’t hold back at all on advertising his magus opus. Here is a typical post of his in the ICO’s Slack:

“The other thing I wish to mention here is the investors we have, who are sending by mail for a “better deal” by investing at the early phase. There is just one group who receives that classification and they invested last year (about $2m; we will announce this officially previous to the ICO; NONE of them are management and ALL are passive, non-influential personal persons). For everybody else, it’s the very same terms rankings/ratings at all. When you have the iPhone in the palm of your hand, you are not truly that focused on hype, branding, marketing, offering it –you have groups of individuals providing to do it for you anyhow. We are a bit like that; we just need to know the best ways to make it even better than it is.”

While waging war on social media-bound development hackers to accusatory recitals of why Bitcoin crashed back in 2014, Harrison’s to mix of Upper-Class Anglo-cosmopolitan aplomb and working-class expletive-clad New Jersey Turnpike vernacular is a few of the very best little bits of the entire program and a program it is. Like any big event, Monkey Capital’s ICO appears to be revealing us in some way how finance can be both engaging and highly amusing. And if forecasts are anything to go by, exceptionally successful too: chat rooms already have the offering pegged to raise a billion dollars or more, ending up being the very first 10-digit amount raised in a crowdfunding project.

Is There Any Binding Factor to Ensure That These Companies Won’t Leave with The Money?

One of the great parts about IPOs is that the company has to file documentation and regulative files before their IPO line-up, protects line-ups financiers.

In the world of ICO projects, however, there are little to no assurances that your money will not disappear. You’re offering loan to a company over the web and in a lot of cases, those companies are brand-new start-ups with minimal openness.

Fortunately, ICO job leaders are well-aware of these perceived security problems. They know that financiers might be hesitant. That’s why reputable ICO jobs will enforce constraints on themselves to supply much better trust and transparency to contributors.

Some popular constraints and regulations in the ICO world include:

  • Storing the contributions of members in an escrow wallet; organization access the funds saved in the escrow wallet, the owners require private keys. One of those private keys is owned by a relied 3rd party with no participation in the task development. In other words, the funds of investors are secured by a neutral 3rd celebration.
  • The company might establish a legal framework between themselves and those doing the contributions, consisting of a set of terms and conditions for the ICO.
  • Companies will provide a lot of openness, in regards to their area, members, founders, executives, company strategy, roadmap, etc.

Eventually, ICOs differ widely in regards to their credibility, reputability, and future success. It depends on individual investors to identify ICO rip-offs and secure their investments.

What is Rent Token?

Rent token is a revolutionary new coin on the backed by the latest Ethereum blockchain technology and supported by rental property.

Have you ever rented an apartment and your future landlord charged you with an outrageous deposit just to move in? This is where Rent Token comes in instead of making your payment for the deposit directly to your landlord your rent token it placed in a smart contract for the term of your lease and at the end should the tenant break contract the money will be distributed to the landlord. If the tenant does not break any terms of their lease then the tenant can have confirmation that their landlord has not spent their deposit before the lease is up.  

Other Rent Token Use Cases

Rent Token will be the first cryptocurrency to directly partner and work with real estate sales and rental agencies and websites to promote adoption and everyday use of the coin. After the ICO has been completed the rent token team will also be purchasing and developing our own group of duplexes and townhouses to be leased that offer a 10% deposit discount and 2% monthly rental payment discount when payments are made with rent token. These rental properties will also be used as a proof of concept to early adopters and potential clients.

Rent Token is also one of the first cryptocurrencies that will implement a token buy back and burn program after 6 months of deployment. The Buyback program will begin with the token buy back price of $0.10 per token increasing every 2 months until it reaches a hard cap of $0.20 per token with a total of 20,000-400,000 tokens bought back each month for 2 years based off rental income of the project. All tokens bought back will be burned ensuring that there will always be a decreasing amount of tokens in the ecosystem.

Initial Price

6-month buy back price

8-month buy

back price

10-month buy back price

12-month buy

back price

14-month buy

back price








Road Map

  • August 2017 Partnering with coin exchanges begins for token pre-listing
  • August 19th ICO Begins
  • October 23rd ICO Ends
  • November 2017 Hiring and extensive marketing campaign connecting with real estate agencies and developing relationships with existing landlords to establish lasting ties
  • December 2017 Development of network to support homeowners and landlords in selling and leasing their properties with rent token.
  • Q1 2018 Full real estate ecosystem including a rental listing system and backend support for landlords such as property maintenance contracts with rent token will be implemented.
  • March 2018 Buy Back Program begins
  • The ICO will begin with an initial goal of $1,000,000 and a hard cap of $15,000,000
  • Total Tokens will be 500,000,000 with 150,000,000 tokens for the ICO sale @ $0.10 per token


Division of the token supply

30% will be sold in token sale

10% will be used for market outreach

10% will be locked in a 5-year contract.

0.4% will be locked in a 1-year contract.

0.2% will be locked in a 6-month contract.

34.4% will be locked in a 10-year contract.

1% will be set aside for hiring incentives.

10% will be used in initial property accusation.

4% will be held for bounties.


Why Bring Cryptocurrencies into the Equation: Benefits of Incorporating them into Rental Properties

  • Scams: Cryptocurrencies are digital and cannot be counterfeited or reversed arbitrarily by the sender, as with charge card charge-backs.
  • Identity Theft: When you provide your charge card to a merchant, you offer them access to your complete credit line, even if the deal is for a small quantity. Charge card operate on a “pull” basis, where the store initiates the payment and pulls the designated quantity from your account. Cryptocurrency utilize a “push” system that allows the cryptocurrency holder to send exactly what she or he wishes to the merchant or recipient with no additional information.
  • Immediate Settlement: Getting real residential or commercial property usually includes a variety of third celebrations (Legal representatives, Notary), hold-ups, and payment of fees. In numerous methods, the bitcoin/cryptocurrency blockchain is like a “big home rights database,” states Gallippi. Bitcoin agreements can be designed and enforced to remove or include 3rd celebration approvals, referral external facts, or be completed at a future date or time for a portion of the expenditure and time required to complete standard property transfers.
  • Access to Everyone: There are roughly 2.2 billion individuals with access to the Internet or mobile phones who do not presently have access to standard exchange systems. These people are primed for the Cryptocurrency market. Kenya’s M-PESA system, a mobile phone-based money transfer and micros financing service just recently revealed a bitcoin device, with one in three Kenyans now owning a bitcoin wallet. (Let me repeat that once again. 1/3).
  • Lower Costs: There aren’t usually transaction fees for cryptocurrency exchanges since the miners are compensated by the network (Side note: This is the case for now). Even though there’s no bitcoin/cryptocurrency transaction fee, many anticipate that a lot of users will engage a third-party service, such as Coinbase, creating and preserving their own bitcoin wallets. These services imitate Paypal does for money or charge card users, offering the online exchange system for bitcoin, and as such, they’re most likely to charge costs. It’s interesting to note that Paypal does not accept or transfer bitcoins.


There are always benefits and drawbacks to any scenario in life. To be able to make an excellent choice, you require to weigh the great and bad completely before finalizing your option. With Cryptocurrency, it’s more about mass approval than technology. The technology is here.



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Disclaimer: All ICOs are high risk investments that may result in a total loss of investment.The rent token team does not guarantee the increase or stability of value RENT.
*Rent Token is currently not supported by rental properties unless the funding goal of 1mm is met.Rent Token does not have a ICO minimum funding goal.The Rent Token will attempt to continue development if our funding does not reach $1,000,000 development may be at a reduced pace.If funding of 1 million usd is not met the existing token holders will still receive a buyback program at 6 months post ICO at $0.12 a token.

ICORating Copy (1)

Disclaimer: All ICOs are high risk investments that may result in a total loss of investment.The rent token team does not guarantee the increase or stability of value RENT.
*Rent Token is currently not supported by rental properties unless the funding goal of 1mm is met.Rent Token does not have a ICO minimum funding goal.The Rent Token will attempt to continue development if our funding does not reach $1,000,000 development may be at a reduced pace.If funding of 1 million usd is not met the existing token holders will still receive a buyback program at 6 months post ICO at $0.12 a token.